Me? Dialysis...?

NO WAY. NO not ME!

Every sick person has a history,

especially people who are dependent

on dialysis. Further analysis of their

history often reveals dialysis was not

needed if only they had used their

medications properly. In some cases,

dialysis could have been completely


Book Reviews

On September 23, 2012, the Dutch magazine

NierNieuws about kidneys and kidney diseases,

mentioned that the Dutch version of this book

needs a lot of attention. According to Merel

Dercksen, the writer, the reader feels like real people

are talking in this book.

About the Author

Jolande Wijks (1962) was born in Suriname, a country in South America but lived for more than twenty years in Curaçao, the former Netherlands Antilles, an island in the Caribbean. She lives in Florida now and is the author of the exciting racy Dutch novel, Verleiding tot Misleiding, which means “Temptation to Deceive.”

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