Me? Dialysis...?

NO WAY. NO not ME!

Every patient has a medical history;

especially people who are dependent on

dialysis. Further analysis of their history

often reveals dialysis was not needed if

only they had used their medications

properly. However, in some cases dialysis

is inevitable, many times it can be

preventable or at least delayed for a

longer time. This because of several

reasons as evidenced in there short,

practical and honest stories in which

people show ignorance, pride,

nonchalant personality, medication

noncompliance, denial and more…

Almost all these people are shocked

when they get the news, that they need

urgent dialysis. Their reaction: Disbelief,

anxiety, fear, uncertainty, thinking about

their work, their family, their life… many

questions will cross their mind.


Excerpt 1:

“Syslin, will you leave me alone? I feel

good, eat well, and perform well. With

three women and six children I have

enough evidence. Do you want to be my

fourth wife? Then you have to bear two

children for me.” he jokes.

Excerpt 2:

“Too many X-rays aren’t good for your

body and furthermore…” replied the


“Stop doc… it’s my body. I want to do the

MRI!” she said impatiently.

Excerpt 3:

“Absolutely not, doctor. It never

bothered me. What do you mean… one

kidney?” Startled and full of questions,

Chapo looked at the doctor but didn’t

have the energy to speak further.

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